I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to for my photo shoot today.

It was such a fun afternoon of pampering and being creative - I could do it all day every day! My hair and make-up was fabulous and you both made me feel so relaxed......such a relief! Everyone should do this at least once in their lifetime! It was very liberating and I really cannot wait to see the photos!”


“I had such an amazing time yesterday, thank you so very much!    

I was really worried I would feel fat and hideous, and to be totally honest I had no idea how you were going to manage make me feel good about myself, but believe me you did! You have such a fabulous way of putting your subjects at ease. It was an eye opening and confidence building experience, and a very valuable one too!"


“I was put totally at ease and felt empowered by your approach to photographing the female form; this being to capture one’s best points as a real woman rather than as a “pin up”. I love My Sensuality’s ethos of creating an experience whereby women (and men!) can feel great about themselves in a way that is natural rather than limited by the expectations that we all seem to place upon ourselves.”


Thank you for the outstanding photo session I experienced with you. I had booked this session at a time when I wasn’t feeling good about myself and especially my looks.  I felt I no longer had anything in common with the woman I was 20 or even just 10 years ago. It was beginning to affect my self-confidence and my ability to promote myself professionally. Spending time with you and your camera was an amazing experience and a real joy through and through. Your kind, funny and sensitive way of talking to me and putting me at ease meant I began to find myself again – and you made me look beautiful!” 


“Wow, My Sensuality made me feel great! As a shy (ish!) girl I wasn't sure if a boudoir shoot was for me, but with Susie to reassure me, I soon settled in and didn't want to it to end! Having my make up done by a professional made me look and feel beautiful, and her natural style and conversation made me feel so comfortable. Susie was sensitive and had some lovely ideas of how to help me look my best with some subtle props like a veil and a fur. Let's just say my husband absolutely loved the photographs (a little wedding present just for his eyes!) and they take pride of place in our bedroom. Thank you Susie, this was an experience I would recommend to anybody needing a little pick-me-up!”


“If I’m honest, the thought of taking my clothes off for a photo shoot did scare me a little. I needn't have worried - the whole experience was really relaxed, and above all fun! Having a great makeover, combined with the luxurious hotel room, made the experience feel more like a treat to be savoured than anything else. Susie is a really good photographer, and is extremely good at making the whole posing experience relaxing and fun - an art in itself! I would thoroughly recommend this experience as a treat or gift to a loved one!”


“I have had two sessions with Susie and each one was a different type of experience but each one was fantastic. My first boudoir shoot - what an experience!! I was rather nervous as I had never done this before and felt that a boudoir shoot might make me feel uncomfortable.  However, I did not feel at all insecure; I felt beautiful and completely comfortable given Susie's personality and professionalism!! Doing a photo shoot with Susie was amazing and I would most definitely recommend her!!!

“I felt I needed a confidence boost before my wedding. I was very nervous on the day of the shoot but as soon as I arrived I was put to ease with a chat with Susie. Having my make up done was a real treat and helped me relax. Susie is fantastic at giving posing directions and showed me how the pictures were looking throughout the shoot. I had a real giggle whilst the photos were being taken and felt very special - the nerves had disappeared! I would recommend the experience to anyone as a present for their other half or just to help you feel beautiful. Thank you Susie, you made it such a lovely experience!”


“Thank you so much for the photos, they are definitely worth waiting for if I say so myself.  I'm being terribly vain but I just can't stop looking at them. . . . is it really me?!  I really love the white shirt ones, it's going to be a challenge to choose which I would like!”


“Just lost myself (very pleasantly!) in your fantastic website – stylish, creative, professional, “silky” and the one thing that particularly struck me was the pervading empathy for your potential clients, their desires and fears. And the end product – wow! That you can take people “of a certain age” and with little more than skilled make up, lighting composition and the right equipment, make the men look so strong and toned and the women almost as though they were our daughters! I also like the beauty and sensuality that comes from subtle suggestion rather than crude explicit exposee – images are wonderful and sensual precisely for what you DON’T show, the gentle hint of what’s just out of view, letting the imagination fill in the canvas…. and the nudity itself is so beautifully done I imagine many would be proud to have such images on their wall.”


“The idea of a Dudeoir shoot was new to me. A friend of mine was having a dudeoir shoot and I thought it sounded like fun. I really enjoyed the whole experience and was surprised how quickly I became accustomed to having my picture taken. I found it easy to get in the mood of the shoot. I think my images are great as they truly represent me – I’ve given my pictures to my wife and have shared them with family and friends.”


 “I regularly work out at the gym and thought that a record of my ever-changing body would be fantastic. I can look back on the pictures and see how much I have developed - this gives me the incentive to keep up my training. I was pleased with the shoot as Susie is a real professional and the images were not over edited. I will be having another shoot in the near future as I found the whole experience fun and rewarding.”


“I decided to get a shoot for myself as I thought it would be a great confidence boost. It was! I have the pictures saved on a cd and view them on my computer.  I also uploaded them to Facebook for friends and family to view.”


“I first heard about dudeoir photography from a friend who previously posed for a My Sensuality boudoir session. I saw her photos and thought they were amazing. Having separated from my wife and realizing there were very few pictures of myself, I decided to do something very out of character for me and get a professional set of photos done. I didn't want anything cheesy or too posed so a dudeoir shoot with My Sensuality seemed perfect. I was a little nervous at first but was soon put at ease by Susie.  I found the shoot quite liberating, a lot of fun,and one of the best things I've ever done. I found that in all the photographs I appeared very relaxed, natural and masculine - Susie really got the best out of me. I do have some the pictures around the house as they are too good to be hidden away. The experience also gave me the confidence to try online dating for the first time; the pictures have helped massively. I get a lot of positive comments about my pictures and feel that it has given my confidence a well earned lift.”