GREAT reasons to book a shoot!


Many of us brush off a compliment because we have body, image, or confidence issues. We tend to focus on the negative instead of celebrating the bits of our bodies that we DO like. So, instead of listing the reasons why you may not wish to have a boudoir shoot (I’m not photogenic, I’m too old, fat, skinny…) here are some great reasons to book a shoot.


Having my photograph taken by an expert…

… is so much better than a snapshot! First-class portraits need so much more than a camera! It takes a professional makeup artist, quality equipment and lighting, and a talented photographer who will put you at ease and give you confidence in front of the camera.


A boudoir shoot will boost my confidence…

Your confidence will begin to grow while your make up is applied. Our make up artists are fabulous at putting people at ease and talking about why they are applying the make up in a certain way, so that when you are ready for the camera, you already feel amazing! During your shoot, there is something liberating about stepping out of your comfort zone, especially when you are with professionals who make the experience such fun!


I will celebrate my body and feel amazing…

Beauty comes in all sizes. Forget dress size or a number on your scales. Whether you are petite or curvaceous, you will feel amazing and celebrate yourself!  Every person is unique, and every person discovers that their inner beauty shines when viewing their boudoir photos.


Age is just a number! There is no expiry date on beauty and sensuality!

With our hectic lifestyles, few of us have time – or even energy – to have perfect make up, wear super sexy clothes and heels, and to allow our sensual side out to play. But it’s still somewhere inside you. The My Sensuality experience gives you the opportunity to have fun and flaunt your sensual side in a safe environment where nobody judges you.

We treat every one of our clients with the greatest of respect and sensitivity. Our ethos is to ensure you have an experience to remember and to celebrate your uniqueness – and we are passionate about this!


The experience will be just for me, I have total control over who sees my photos…

Your boudoir experience is totally private. Your images will be sent to you digitally to your private email, or you will view them with Susie in Cheltenham. We will always ask your permission (using a standard release form) to use your images on our website or for promotional purposes, and if you say no, we will absolutely respect this.